Toy Physics

4.5 ( 2565 ratings )
Giochi Intrattenimento Famiglia Rompicapo
Sviluppatore Athos
1.99 USD

"This game is among the top of physics games I’ve played on the iPhone" - 5/5,

"Toy Physics is fantastic fun! It’s great to look at, has truly exciting and challenging gameplay and a lovely style all of its own...An absolute must-buy!" - 5/5,

"Playing Toy Physics reminded me of the first time I saw Toy Story. How quickly I went from thinking it was going to be just a cute kid’s movie to something much more.", - 10/10,

"If you like games that look great, sound great, operate great, and are a continuous challenge then you really can’t go wrong with Toy Physics... it’s a must have app in my collection" -


Enter the whimsical world of Toy Physics where you must draw lines to guide the falling toys into the toy crates below. The toys drop from the top and encounter many different types of physics objects on the way down making it challenging for you to get them into the moving crates.

You’ll have to think fast and draw lines in the right places to win. There is more than one way to win each level! Your own creative thinking and drawing will be the key to victory.

Toys will interact with spinning objects, spring-loaded beams, hydraulics, water, toy stacks, pulleys, ropes and more. There are all sorts of toys to play with too, including marbles, jacks, ragdolls, bouncing balls and more.

If you’re up for the challenge, the toys are waiting…


*Realistic Physics
*Stunning Graphics
*2 Game Modes
*Over 40 Unique Levels
*3 Levels of Difficulty
*Level Selection Screen
*Scoring System
*Realistic Sound Effects
*Full Music Score
*Optimized for Smooth Framerate